Working in the Redwoods is…

Handmade ceramics crafted from 100% natural materials with minimalist forms and earth-tone color palettes. Miriam Cernuda produces exclusive and unique design pieces in limited editions.


Living in harmony with the inherent design of the objects that surround us on a daily basis thereby creating a subtle connection between individual and object.

WORKING IN THE REDWOODS was created by industrial designer Miriam Cernuda while attending the Massana School of Design in Barcelona. Influenced by the Mediterranean Sea and the nature of the Costa Brava where she grew up, Miriam developed her own personal universe of inspiration.

The design of the pieces of WORKING IN THE REDWOODS is the result of her experience of living in balance with that natural environment.

In addition to series and collections, WORKING IN THE REDWOODS creates exclusive custom-made items for interior and industrial design projects, restoration projects and collaborates regularly with other brands, designers and artists.

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