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MESOPOTAMIA is an extension of previous TERRA collection. Influenced by the Mediterranean sea, this series of vases are inspired by the origins of trade with the ancient MESOPOTAMIA.

The ancient vessels used to preserve and transport grain, spices and oil. From a minimalist vision and recovering the origin and beauty of the pieces made by hand with sandy ceramic and modelling techniques, we obtain organic and delicate pieces almost like a sculpture full of magic and heritage.

Process and Material

Each and every one of our pieces is made by hand in our workshop in Barcelona, Spain and made from 100% raw, mineral materials.
Each piece is special and unique with its particular character and because of this the sizes and/or colors may vary a bit depending on each piece.

In this collection we have been used high-temperature sandy ceramics, the color of each piece is the result of the origin of each sand. The blue color is from a mineral pigment origin. The interiors are enamelled with lead-free glazes.

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