By Miriam Cernuda

Chapter 1

Today I embark on a fascinating journey through the ancient paths of the Silk Road, a magical path that unites East and West in an embrace of cultural and commercial exchange. From the distant lands of China to the most remote corners of Europe, this ancient route has witnessed countless stories of traders, travelers and adventurers who ventured along its dusty paths in search of fortune and knowledge.

The historical and cultural importance of the Silk Road is undeniable, as it was not only a vital corridor for the trade of silk, spices and other exotic goods, but it also served as a bridge between different civilizations, allowing the exchange of ideas, religions. and technologies. At its stops along the way, prosperous cities and bustling markets were erected that resonated with the diversity and richness of the cultures that converged at this global meeting point.

One of the most fascinating connections I discover on my trip is the close relationship between the Silk Road and ceramics. Over the centuries, pottery has been one of the most prized commodities transported along this route, adorning royal tables and humble homes alike with its beauty and exceptional craftsmanship. From delicate Chinese porcelains to colorful Persian ceramics, each piece tells a unique story of creativity and skill that has endured over time.


With every step I take on this journey, I marvel at the magnitude of the Silk Road and the deep imprint it has left on human history and culture. As I immerse myself in its mysteries and wonders, I am grateful for the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of those brave travelers who once traveled these same paths in search of adventure and discovery.

Until the next stop on this unforgettable journey!